Callie and Rowan
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Last day at the beach! We had a super great day with friends hanging out at Mission Beach today. We were there so long we had to reapply sunscreen at least 3x!
After the beach, we headed to Old Town for happy hour. Although it's only five minutes away, Rowan fell asleep in the car and slept through Rob eating his whole dinner with one hand balanced over Rowan's back. We spent a long time enjoying our margaritas and another friend joined us part way through dinner, so we stayed even longer!
We had an awesome trip to San Diego and we loved seeing so many friends and our favorite SD Auntie!! XOXOXOXOXO
See you next time, San Diego....
You always need to dig a big hole at the beach!!
Dad had to make steps to get down into it - or rather - out of it :)
San Diego friends!
Rowan after a BIG day at the beach.
Callie is usually more into drawing than eating.
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Started today off with a walk/bike ride to Fenuel Park. Later Dad met us and we headed over to Cafe 976 to have lunch with Mary and Liam. After that, we finally got to see Auntie Mo! We took a walk on the Boardwalk looking for ice cream and pair of flip flops for Rowan (he was the only one without any).
Rowan is showing traces of his giant acai bowl.
Definitely splitting this ice cream! (It was the smallest size they had!)
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I guess the temperature has been high 60's, maybe 70 degrees in the sun if you're protected from the wind. But we're still having fun!
The bay side is more protected and tends to be warmer than the beach side. We met up with some SD friends today and had a great visit. Thanks Katie, XOXO!
Heading to the bay side with sweatshirts and sand toys.
Three big buckets of "Drip Castle Pie". Yum!
Playing with friends Mark and Tyler.
Afternoon snack back at the rental.
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Down in Mission Beach now. The day was beautiful but still chilly. Callie and Rowan made friends with Jonah and Jane and collected dead moon jellies. Fun.
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Second day at Legoland. It rained during the night, but the morning was beautiful. And the park was hardly crowded at all! A great day with no facial injuries ;)
Luckily, the kids were tall enough to go on almost every ride. You have to be 48" to ride alone.
This was about as daring as Callie got, but we were able to convince her to ride the Coastersaurus as our last ride and she ended up loving it.
This is more Callie's speed :)
LL's version of the Jungle Cruise.
Our tickets included the aquarium, too!
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Spring Break at Legoland!!!
Beautiful day, but still in the 60's. Probably won't make it to the water park today :)
Driving your own car sounds really fun. But these were slow and difficult to steer and the ride was over before the kids barely did a lap.
Rowan had to wear a vest to keep him from rattling around inside one of the rides.
Rowan slipped and hit his cheekbone on a bench in the build-your-own-Lego tent.
Callie was bonked by someone's backpack in the narrow hallway of a four-story jungle gym.
Family selfie!
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Girls' trip to see Sleeping Beauty at the Lescher Theater in WC. After the show, Callie got to meet the evil fairy Freina who she was glad to discover was just "acting" during the show and was actually very nice afterwards :)
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Practice Easter Egg hunt! We're training these kids for some serious competition.
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We met the newest Collier this weekend! The guys immediately started training him on some essential life skills.